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Feb 10 2013
New Keek
Ariana Grande just posted a new Keek with Liz and Isaac Calpito, check it out below:

Morning from my house. Bette Davis & Joni Mitchell practicing a duet in my living room @isaacboots @lizgillies
Liz Gillies Online
Feb 08 2013
Exclusive Q & A

On the occasion of our 2nd anniversary, Liz was nice enough to answer a few questions exclusively for! You can read the interview below:

Now that Victorious has come to an end, what do your plans for 2013 look like?
My 2013 has been busy so far. I’ve been writing lots of music & working on a few other things as well. It’s been productive.

Did you ever regret getting into show business or are you 100% happy with the decisions you've made?
I don’t regret it. There are times where I wish I could go into a Toys R’ Us without getting attacked, but I guess that’s no big deal. The only thing that really bothers me is the whole privacy thing. I’m a very private person. I think privacy is very important, so little things like my email getting hacked or paparazzi taking pictures of me without my knowing or pictures getting leaked really bother me. It comes with the job, though. And I love the job, so I take it for what it is.

You probably know that the Victorious fandom is full of crazy edits and manipulations, so do you sometimes creep on sites like tumblr to see what the fans are making?
Oh yeah. I love all that. I’m always on the hunt for fan art. I have a whole folder on my desktop dedicated to cool fan art that I find.

Who of you came up with the idea for StoopKid and do you think you will continue making videos with Matt and Ariana, even though you don't work together anymore?
The idea kind of just evolved. The three of us were always making each other laugh ever since we met. We would always take iPhone videos of each other doing weird characters & bits. One day, Matt started screaming at the top of his lungs in public and we decided that it would be selfish to keep all these videos from the fans, so we decided to start a YouTube account. We make videos whenever we’re together. It’s almost guaranteed. The trick is just getting us together nowadays. We’re all on different coasts so that’s what’s been difficult. However, we have lots of videos in the old Stoop Kid archives so I doubt we’ll run out anytime soon.

You've recently made an account. What are the weirdest questions you've got so far and what questions do you get so often that they're starting to annoy you?
The only questions that annoy me are either really boring questions or non-questions. I don’t see the point in writing, “Lol. I’m so nervous I don’t know what to ask you.” Why bother asking, then? That’s not even a question. I tend to answer either really “out-there” questions or questions that I feel like answering at that moment. There’s really no method to my madness. Ask.Fm and other Q & A sites like that tend to get really narcissistic so I try keep it light & weird. Make it funny rather than a "me" fest.

Are you aware of the "shippers" in the Victorious fandom? The most popular pairings all include Jade; Beck/Jade and Jade/Tori. What couples would you have wanted to see on the show?
Oh, I know all about the ships. I would have liked to see Jicowitz or Rexade. Just for fun. I always thought Jade and Rex would’ve made a great couple. I’ve mentioned both to Dan.

Would you prefer to keep working for television in the future, or would you rather do movies?
Unless it was a really great TV spot, I think I’d like to focus on movies. Doing another TV show right now would feel like jumping into another long-term relationship. Especially if it was a sitcom. I think I need to do something really different right now. Something a little more adult.

Are there any TV shows you would love to guest star in?
I’m dying to get on American Horror Story. And Girls. Anyone who follows me on Twitter probably could’ve guessed my answer to this question by now. I’m not exactly quiet about the shows I like.

Would you let a record label change you and your music, because they want you to fit a certain type, or would you never let anyone change you and rather keep doing your own thing, even if it meant to possibly lose a job?
Never. I say this all the time. I would gladly step down from whatever job or opportunity I had if it meant having to sacrifice my creative integrity or vision. I would rather make the music I want and perform for 25 people in a coffee house than sell out and lie to myself to perform for thousands.

If you weren't an actress or singer, what would your life probably look like right now?
I would probably be in college. NYU, if I got my way. Although I’d probably be there studying acting or singing, so I might have to change my answer. If I couldn’t be an actor or singer, I would be a director. I have a very strong passion for directing & I hope to direct in the future. If I couldn’t work in show business, I’d probably be a psychologist. I love getting into people’s heads.

Can you see yourself recording a duet with one of your castmates in the future?
I’d love that. I want to try writing with Ari. I feel like that could be interesting.

Beck & Jade's relationship is one of the most controversial topics in the fandom - what's your opinion on the couple?
I love their relationship. I think Beck needs Jade and Jade needs Beck. They level each other off. We were all surprised when we first read “The Worst Couple.” It happened really early on in the 3rd season & lasted way too long. I’m happy they got back together in time for the end of the show. I wouldn’t have liked it if they were apart for the final episodes. I think it was important for them to leave off on a good note.

Where do you hope to be in 10 years time, doing what?
I hope to be living somewhere in the mountains with my husband, writing music & doing a few great movies a year.

If there was a Victorious finale, how would you imagine it or what would you want to happen in it?
Well first off, I would want it to be at least an hour long. Not a half hour. I’d want it to answer any & all questions that the fans had & I would want it to end on a sentimental note. We never got a proper goodbye as a cast so I think it should be a little emotional with hints at the future for each character. We deserve a finale. I hope we get one.

Are there any places in the world, that you would like to see, but haven't yet?
So many. I went to Europe for the first time this year & I’m dying to go back. I’d love to go to Italy & Ireland. Australia looks incredible too, if I could get through the plane ride.

If you could eat one food, that you are currently not allowed to eat, what would it be?
Ugh. So many. If I had to pick one? Probably a Margherita Pizza. Or maybe a cheeseburger. There are no good substitutes for either of those.

Liz Gillies Online
Feb 08 2013
Two Years Online!

Today is a very special day, because the 8th of February marks the 2 year anniversary of!! Exactly two years ago today, the site was launched, and I can't believe how much has happened since then and how big it has become. It's incredible to see how much support I see for this website, even though I'm just here to support someone myself - the amazing Liz Gillies.
I want to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you who visits the site, reads my tweets, and helps to spread the word - none of this would be possible without you and I'm more than grateful that together, we have managed to create this huge network of support for Liz. :) And also I would like to thank my amazing friends, who are always there for me and give me advice and feedback.
I'm sure the end of Victorious just marks the beginning of something new; something bigger, possibly, and I'm more than ready to see what the future brings and how far Liz will come. No matter what happens, I will be right here to support her as much as I can.

Here's to many more years; and also keep your eyes open for some big surprises later today!
Liz Gillies Online
Feb 06 2013
On The Set Of Sam & Cat

Yesterday, Liz and Matt Bennett were seen on the set of the new Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat, which is a spin-off of both Victorious and iCarly. The creator of all three shows, Dan Schneider posted a picture of them on Twitter, and has also confirmed multiple times, that Liz will guest star on the new show. You can view the picture in our gallery. Are you looking forward to seeing Liz on Sam & Cat?

Gallery Link
Movie & TV > 2013 > Sam & Cat > On Set
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Feb 03 2013
Watching The Final Episode Of Victorious
Liz, Ariana, Matt, Avan, and Leon met up yesterday to watch the final episode of Victorious together. Ariana posted some fun Keeks from the night, check them out below:

Keek #2
Keek #3
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Feb 02 2013
TheSlap: "Robbie's Magic Show: Disappearing Cat"
A new video with Liz, Matt and Ariana was posted on, it's called Robbie's Magic Show: Disappearing Cat. Check it out below and also don't forget to watch the last Victorious episode tonight at 8 PM on Nick!

Today, I, Robbie will make my lovely assistant Cat… Disappear!!! (Hopefully)
Liz Gillies Online
Feb 01 2013
New Gallery Design

Our photo gallery got a brand new design! Check it out by clicking on the banner above or by clicking here. I hope you guys like it!
Liz Gillies Online
Jan 30 2013
Victorious: "Victori-Yes!" Stills

I added 2 HQ stills of the last Victorious episode, Victori-Yes, that premieres this Saturday. Check them out below:

Gallery Link
Victorious > Season Three > Stills > 3x28 Victori-Yes
Liz Gillies Online
Jan 30 2013
Victorious: "Victori-Yes!" Promo
Check out the official promo for the last ever Victorious episode, Victori-Yes, that premieres this Saturday at 8 PM on Nickelodeon:


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