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BOP & Tiger Beat Q&A
Posted by Laura on Jul 28 2012

BOP & Tiger Beat recently got the chance to sit down with Liz for a Q&A:

BOP&TB: So what are your favorite songs that are out this summer, like the ones that are really stuck in your head?
Liz Gillies: The one that’s stuck in my head- oh what is it… uh… the (sings a tune) “Lights”? Is that what it’s called? I think it’s Ellie Goulding. I don’t know it’s like, “You’re still calling….” It’s on the radio every 5 seconds…I think it’s “Lights”…They’re a band. It is Ellie Goulding! “Lights.”

BOP&TB: Do you have any plans for your summer hiatus?
Liz Gillies: I’m going to have a couple little performances I think I’m going to be doing but I’m just going to be writing a lot of music. That’s what I’m going to be focused on this hiatus.

BOP&TB: Do you think you’ll ever see any of your songs make it onto the show? Is that something you’d be interested in or is not really in the Victorious vibe?
Liz Gillies: I can’t really talk about it, but let’s just say yes, maybe.

BOP&TB: So what about on the acting front? Are you focusing totally on music during your hiatus or do you have any interest in doing movies?
Liz Gillies: I’m auditioning a lot but I’m putting my focus on doing movies. I’m very good at dividing my attention to cater to both of my little passions.


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