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Help Get Victorious A Proper Ending
Posted by Laura on Aug 12 2012

We all know that the cancelation of Victorious came way too soon and without warning, and none of us are happy with this decision. Looking at the ratings and success of the show, it is highly unlikely that this was a spontaneous decision on the part of Nickelodeon. So no matter how many petitions we sign to bring the show back, we have to be realistic here - it will probably not happen.

However, there is one thing that we can try to achieve: Get a proper ending for the show.

Since the cancelation of the show came as a shock to all of us, even the cast, we can assume that the third season will not have a proper ending that will leave us fans satisfied or do Victorious justice. So this is what we are fighting for.

What can you do to help?

  • First of all, we should try to make Nickelodeon listen to our complaints. You can call the Nickelodeon HQ at (212) 258-7500, their business hours are from 8:30am-7:30pm EST. OR you can also write to them, this is the address:

    New York Office
    1515 Broadway, 44th Floor
    New York, NY 10036

    If you don’t live in the US or can for whatever reason not call them or send them a letter, there is always the option of tweeting them at @NickelodeonTV. As of now, they are still ignoring any tweets about the cancelation of Victorious, but that doesn’t mean that we will give up.

  • The next thing we will do to draw the attention of those responsible to us is a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. On Wednesday, August 15, 2012, at 4PM EST we will attempt to trend Give Victorious A Proper Ending. All you have to do is tweet this as often as possible and retweet the tweets of others who are also helping. Remember not to include it more than once a tweet, as it will be counted as spam otherwise. Please also help spread the word, so that we can make this happen!

  • We know that there are already a lot of petitions going around. But most of them are trying to obtain the continuation of the show, which, as stated above, is more than unlikely to happen. So instead of putting our efforts into something that is probably pointless, we should try to get everyone to focus on this Twitition: Give Victorious A Proper Ending. The more signatures, the better. Let’s show everyone that this is what we want, and that we will fight for it.

And even if we fail, our protest might be enough to finally get Nickelodeon to give us a proper explanation on why our favorite TV show was cancelled. Because let’s be honest - all reasons they have stated so far were more than unsatisfying.

Please spread the word about this and do as much as you can to help! Victorious deserves it.

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